Vortex Tree

 Working with your Focal Point Tree

When I saw this photo of the Tree so mighty, it deforms space itself on a Design Blog this morning, it reminded me of the dizziness we felt just yesterday at the Oregon Vortex. We have our second son, Joey, visiting from California this week, and our two youngest out of school for Spring Break. We went on a little escapade yesterday to visit the Oregon Vortex and Mystery House in Gold Hill.

As strange and wonderful as the Vortex tree is in that top photo, with the tiles designed to look as if the rest of the patio is being pulled into its space, it made me think about Spring and the efforts and plans that go into designing our outdoor spaces.

Sometimes, there is one tree that becomes a bit of a Vortex – sucking everything else towards it, and becoming the one thing that every other plan hinges on to make the whole space come together.

Amazing things can be done with landscaping. Sometimes with amazing, enormous price tags attached. Sometimes, we have found, a focal point tree is well worth saving. And other times, it has become more of a headache than a blessing.

Many trees can grow hundreds of years and outlast us all. Yet, some landscape trees get worn out, and start to deteriorate, and can cause damage to foundations, yards, landscapes, and even your pocketbook. Also, a landscape is a living thing. It changes with each year. Plants come and go, trees need maintenance, sometimes something that worked 20 years ago needs updating.

If you have a tree that is sucking the life out of your yard, or draining your finances with all the upkeep and maintenance, perhaps it is time to consider taking that tree out of the equation and starting fresh with a tree that will prosper in your space.

Why not have Scott Garner out to do a Free Estimate, and decide which trees you want to trim, prune, clean up – and which ones may need to go?

As beautiful as healthy trees are to a landscape, and as much as we all love trees, it really does make sense to remove a problem tree that is in poor health, distressed or declining.

We specialize in tree trimming, removals and stump grinding. We would love to hear from you!

Vortex patio tree photo from here – the rest of the photos are from my camera.

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